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Hello! This is the Ministry Mentorship website. We are the number-one online Christian Ministry Development resource for Apostolic young people.

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Jacob Tapia | Ministry mentorship

Welcome to the Ministry Mentorship website! This site is intended to be a valuable resource for your ministry development. Throughout the website you will find interviews, articles, and videos that are all designed to inform and inspire you for ministry. Here are a few ways to use this site:

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Overall, we want to partner with you to build a ministry to last a lifetime. Thanks for stopping by and may God bless you!

—Jacob Tapia | www.jacobtapia.net

About Us

• Started in 2013 by a burden to connect with young ministers.
• Purpose is to “Connect Apostolic Leaders with Young People for Ministry Development.”
• Features a blog, podcast, and other Apostolic Resources to help people develop in their ministry.
• Provides a connection point for young ministers and those who have gone before in ministry.

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