9 Reasons Why You Should Attend A UPCI General Conference

Each year the UPCI General Conference of the United Pentecostal Church International is held in locations across the United States. This meeting brings ministers together from all over the world for business sessions, worship, training, and fellowship.

UPCI General Conference


This article is intended to give information and attention to the UPCI General Conference and to encourage you to make plans to attend. Here are Jacob Tapia’s 9 reasons why a young minister should attend a UPCI General Conference.

1. Anointed Preaching

During the services, you will hear anointed, powerful preaching. During these times, you will be hearing fresh messages from seasoned veterans who have a deep walk with the Lord and gift for communicating the truth of God’s Word. The services at General Conference are designed to have around one hour of worship and preliminaries before the preaching. The messages you hear will bless you in your personal walk with God, allow you to gain insight into the Scriptures, and you will be impacted by some of the best preachers in Pentecost. During one of the evening services, the General Superintendent speaks to the conference. This is always a great night of encouragement, vision casting, and challenging the ministry to move forward in revival and growth. View the UPCI General Conference Schedule

2. Worship Services

The worship leaders, musicians, and singers are some of the finest you will ever hear. Many of them are pastors and leaders. You will hear old and new songs that will bless your soul and refresh you. Many times, people can get so involved in “church” that they don’t get a chance to really let go and worship the Lord. This venue is a time when you can let down your guard and receive in God’s presence.

3. Access to Resources

There are many valuable resources available at General Conference. Each of the ministry departments in the UPCI sets up a booth to provide information to those who are interested. There are various booths set up in the display section and you will find books, clothing, ministry helps, and other items for sale. You can browse the booths, pick up literature, and purchase resources all in the same area. Many times, there will be resources that are premiered at the Conference and you get to be the first one to see it displayed!

4. Diverse Ministries

Because this is a General (all-inclusive) Conference (meeting for discussion) of the United Pentecostal Church International, there will be a great scope of ministries represented. This is the time when many of the ministers gather to do business (this usually takes place on the first morning of General Conference), have planning meetings, and raise funds for missions causes. Before and after the services, ministers can be found walking through the halls, sitting in the lobby of hotels, browsing the display area, and eating in the local restaurants. Anywhere you turn, you will be able to connect with great men and women of God from all walks of life and ministry experience.

5. Training

A few years ago, training seminars were implemented into the fabric of the conference. They are held on Thursday and Friday morning and cover a wide variety of topics. The three main categories are Church Leadership, Life & Family, and Worship Arts & Technology. Attending these sessions has helped me grow in my knowledge, calling, and network.

6. Giving

A different department sponsors every service during the conference. It is usually during these services that, at some point, the needs of the particular department are presented to the Body of Christ. This gives you an opportunity to bless the kingdom of God and give your support to the different ministries that are represented.

7. Spiritual Growth

The UPCI General Conference has a special place in my heart for this one main reason. It was at a General Conference in 1995, at the age of 13, that I received my call to preach. It was a sacred moment as I walked out of the balcony and put my tear-stained face on the cement floor and surrendered to God’s prompting in my life. My life has been altered because of what happened at that UPCI General Conference. On another occasion, I was standing in the altar area the year that a new General Superintendent was elected. God began to speak to me there about my ministry and the future plans he had for me. While my experience may differ from others’, I know that this is a special time where God can work in your life and encourage, challenge, and strengthen you in your ministry.

8. Fellowship

The fellowship of the United Pentecostal Church International is centered around these core FUNDAMENTAL DOCTRINES. This is the uniting factor for the ministers who attend the UPCI General Conference. Because of this unity, you can rest in the fact that most everyone is headed in the same direction and reaching toward the same goal; reaching the whole world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While some may differ on certain issues, there is a unity among the body that comes because of our desire to come together and see revival in the last days. There is a freedom and liberty in the fellowship between people at the conference because of this kind of unity.

9. Information

During the UPCI General Conference, many reports are given, current issues are addressed, and future plans are discussed. You will hear about things that God is doing locally and around the world. Reports of revival and great moves of God are shared throughout the event. There is also opportunities to hear from others what is happening in their local church, district, and personal ministries.

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