#003: Interview With Angela Harwood (Audio)

Angela HarwoodThank God for ladies like Angela Harwood who are standing for the truth and are willing to proclaim God’s Word! Angela Harwood is very active in Student Ministry and is a tremendous minister and Preacher of the Gospel. You will be blessed and challenged as you listen to hear speak about her call to ministry and some of the challenges she faced beginning her ministry.

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In this interview you will hear Angela Harwood discuss the following topics:

  • Obstacles that face women in ministry.
  • Following God’s direction for our lives.
  • Depending on God.
  • Not comparing ourselves with others.
  • Mentors
  • Sermon preparation.


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  • Prophet Eric Devon Taylor

    I love this woman. She has taught in my home for over 2 years every saturday. We love her so much! She is anointed and appointed and has a great mantle of PRAISE on her life. God has used her to help me in so many ways! I am so privileged to have been in her life for a season! I always loved to see her come, and I hated to see her go! When she left ABI, God had me to continue the Bible Studies which turned into a ministry. Thank you so much for having her on your program, had not heard her in a while! Blessings to you Sister Angie….The Taylor Family loves you so much!

    • jake_jman@hotmail.com

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Yvonne Magnia

    I just had a conversation with my husband yesterday about women in ministry. While I don’t think people accept it much in my part of the country I know GOD has called me to be a minister for HIS kingdom. I wait to have the opportunity to minister to those around me and I know GOD will in time fulfill in me HIS purpose. I really appreciated your interview and pray that more districts will not turn their back on women who feel the call to the ministry. I am no spring chicken so I pray for God to open doors all the time. God bless!

    • jake_jman@hotmail.com

      Thank you for the comment! God bless you as you continue to seek His will and I know He has a perfect plan for you!

  • Dorose Desilus

    This blessed my soul. Being a licensed myself, it’s just great to hear my voice through Angela. Thank you.

    • jake_jman@hotmail.com

      Thank you for the comment and thank God for your ministry as well!

  • Rachel Villalobos

    This was timely for me. Thank you for offering encouragement for women in ministry! God richly bless the Ministry Mentorship program!