“Money and Ministry” Bible Study By Shawn & Stephanie Stickler

Money and Ministry by Shawn and Stephanie Stickler

In this Ministry Mentorship LIVE Bible study entitled, “Money and Ministry,” Pastors Shawn and Stephanie Stickler (The Pentecostals of Quinte) share Scriptural insight for young ministers regarding finances. This Bible study focuses on developing a proper attitude towards money, handling our finances from a biblical perspective, and avoiding the pull of materialism. The speakers also share some practical advice for taking control of your finances and becoming better at managing your money. Join the Ministry Mentorship LIVE Bible study team which includes Jacob Tapia, Angela Harwood, and Micah Wisdom. “Money and Ministry” is a topic that will challenge, inspire, and equip you to better handle your finances.

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Money and Ministry Handout


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  • Rachel Villalobos

    Could feel the Lord speaking through each minister. Thank you for offering these encouraging mentorship interviews, they’ve been a blessing to me! God richly bless this ministry!