#047: Interview with Travis Miller (Audio)

Travis Miller Interview with Jacob TapiaIn this Ministry Mentorship interview with Jacob Tapia (Website), Pastor Travis Miller (Living Faith Tabernacle) shares his journey into ministry (Read Travis Miller’s Bio) and gives practical advice for young ministers. Listen as Travis Miller talks about early ministry experience, the impact of pastors, the importance of staying in touch with a pastor, developing our ministry without a position, the importance of continuing education, making family a priority, developing passion and a burden for soulwinning, sermon preparation, traits of successful ministers, and resources for young ministers.

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www.livingfaithtabernacle.org/media (Church Media)

Quotes by Travis Miller

I really felt just called to serve the Lord and things have opened up as I was willing to do that.

I think there is ongoing value to have a pastoral role in your life regardless of where you’re at.

You always have to have somebody that can tell you, “No dummy, don’t do that!”

You have to be submitted to somebody.

Part of gaining knowledge and wisdom is to realize you don’t have all knowledge and wisdom.

If you have a call of God on your life and a desire to do something, you don’t need a title or position to do it.

Ministry is about selflessness and ministering to others.

Are you willing to allow your ministry to grow slower so that your family can grow stronger.

The whole world being saved is not on my shoulders, it is on God’s shoulders.

Any chemicals that change our thought process or weaken our conscious ability to think and process gives the enemy an upper-hand in confusion and keeping people from pursuing right things.


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