#033: Interview with Jimmy Toney Part 1 (Audio)

Jimmy ToneyGod knows how to shape us into his image. In part one of this interview (Listen to Part Two here) with Jacob Tapia,you will hear Pastor and Church Planter, Jimmy Toney, talk about his early days in ministry, share his passion for preaching, and talk about how God desires to shape us and use us for His glory. Some of the other topics that are discussed in this interview include early ministry experiences, Following the call of God, leadership lessons from elders, fueling a passion for ministry, dealing with personality issues, developing a Youth Congress message, and sermon development.

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James Merrick Prophecy Series

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Watch the NAYC 2014 Message by Jimmy Toney


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1. Connect with Jimmy Toney on twitter, or visit his website, www.lextab.org.

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