#027: Interview with James Merrick (Audio)

James Merrick Interview ministry mentorshipDEVELOPING A LONG-TERM MINISTRY IS NO EASY TASK. Many people underestimate the power of consistency and dedication in ministry. James Merrick is a man who has consistently served and ministered in the Kingdom of God. He is a man of great character, integrity, and compassion. He has built a long-term ministry that has spanned over 45 years and has served in many leadership and ministry roles. Listen to his personal testimony and how God is currently using him to travel the nation teaching Bible Prophecy. IBC Perspectives interview article on Rev. Merrick

James Merrick Prophecy SeriesClick to Listen

Discussion Topics

  • Personal testimony.
  • Developing a long-term ministry.
  • Characteristics of a successful young minister.
  • Avoiding the love of the world.
  • The importance of the presence of God.
  • Why should we study biblical prophecy?
  • Our place in biblical prophecy.
  • Advice to young ministers.
  • Early years of ministry.


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