#026: Interview with Pat Wehlage (Audio)

Pat Wehlage InterviewGod knows how to open doors for ministry in our lives. In this interview you will hear Pat Wehlage talk about how God opened the doors for her ministry. Pat Wehlage has been involved in ministry for over 20 years and shares practical advice from her ministry experience. As you listen you will hear her passion and love for Jesus Christ and a lost world.

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Discussion Topics

  • Personal testimony.
  • Early ministry involvement.
  • Cultivating a burden for ministry.
  • Personal motivation in ministry.
  • The importance of ministering to children.
  • The universal response to love.
  • Identifying the call of God.
  • Advice to young ministers.
  • Developing a personal walk with God.
  • The importance of willingness in ministry.
  • The importance of involvement for young ministers.


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