Ministers Panel Discussion: Pentecostalism and Ministry (Youtube)

MinistryMinisters Panel Discussion: Pentecostalism and Ministry

This video was recorded on July 26, 2013 during a Clear Word Conference in Gilbert, AZ. In this video you will hear Robin Johnston, Daniel Seagraves, and Timothy Lopez answering questions regarding Pentecostalism and ministry.

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In this video you will hear the panelists address these topics (Most Relevant Topics in Bold):

  • Oneness Pentecostalism Before Azuza Street (00:01-03:20)
  • Early Baptismal Background (03:21-04:20)
  • Young People in Missions (04:21-06:25)
  • Advice to Young Preachers (06:26-14:55)
  • The Spiritual Climate in Pentecostalism and Early Christianity (14:56-18:50)
  • The Role of “Revelation” (18:51-24:22)
  • Discovering and Developing Our Personal Mission (24:23-34:05)


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