Aaron Soto: “Servant Leadership” Part 1 (Audio)

Aaron Soto Servant Leadership“Servant Leadership” Part 1

In this recording you will hear Aaron Soto speak on the topic of Servant Leadership. Aaron Soto is the Pastor of Apostolic Truth Church in Appleton, WI. This session was recorded on January 7, 2012 during Pastor Soto’s “New Generation Leaders” conference call. Bro. Soto is a gifted leader, preacher, and pastor. He has a heart for training young ministers and is heavily involved in mentoring young ministers in the Wisconsin District.

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In this recording you will hear Aaron Soto address the following topics:

  • Avoiding a secular mindset about leadership.
  • Definition of a minister.
  • Styles of secular leadership.
  • The difference between driving and leading.
  • Leading with compassion.
  • The heart of leadership is credibility.
  • Our view of leadership must be shaped by Jesus Christ.
  • The secular view of getting ahead.
  • There is a difference between obedience and ambition.
  • Jesus is always careful to give more honor to discipleship.
  • Servant leadership organizational structure.
  • The test of servant leadership is how we act when we are treated like one.
  • We find greatness in service to others.
  • Servanthood gives up rights.
  • Combatting the “I” mentality.
  • Jesus is our model for leadership.
  • The reward of a servant.


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