#017: Ministry Mentorship Interview With O.C. Marler (Audio)

O C MarlerInterview With O.C. Marler

How do you build a 55 year ministry? Find out as you listen to Rev. O.C. Marler talks about his experience in ministry. For many years he has been a Bible School instructor and has traveled extensively across the US. He is an author (“Doctrine Does Matter”) and public speaker as well as being a full-time minister of the Gospel.

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As you listen to this interview with O.C. Marler you will hear him discuss these topics:

  • Reflections on the Pentecostal movement and the emphasis on prayer and the revelation of Jesus Christ.
  • Early experiences in ministry and extended revivals.
  • The importance of having a call to ministry.
  • Developing ministry experience.
  • Lessons learned from 55 years of ministry.
  • Avoiding procrastination, politics, and compromise.
  • Developing a long-term ministry
  • Avoiding fads, remaining in the love of God, and keeping a right spirit.
  • The difference between speaking and preaching.
  • The importance of the anointing.
  • The reality of the mega-church.
  • Developing a proper understanding of the anointing.
  • Celebrating the individuality of our calling.
  • Sermon development tips.


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  • You are doing a great work. Thanks for taking us “behind the scenes”, and connecting us with great men that we would never have had the opportunity to sit down with.

    • Thank you for the kind comment! God has truly blessed the Apostolic movement with wonderful men and women of God.