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“Doing The Work Of God”

Finding our place is imperative in ministry. Too many people become frustrated and burned out when they operate in a place that does not allow for their gifting. In this session Rev. Billy Cole speaks about the importance of being in our place and working with others. Bro. Cole has a very simplistic and down-to-earth approach that is easy to understand and retain. He is a great teacher and there are some tremendous insights into how we must control our spirit and attitude even in times of testing. In this video, he covers these important topics:

  • The importance of working as a team and developing respect for our fellow ministers. We must operate in our gifting and allow others to do the same.
  • Treating each other with kindness and supporting each other in our ministries.
  • The importance of doing the job that we have been assigned to do and having job descriptions.
  • Being productive in what we have been called to do. Sometimes we must change what we are doing in order to find our place in the kingdom.

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