#024: Interview with Jason Varnum

Jason Varnum Interview

In order to be effective in ministry, we must understand our purpose and how we fit into God’s master plan. In this interview, Jacob Tapia talks with Pastor Jason Varnum (Soul’s Harbor First Pentecostal Church) about ministry and how to become a more effective minister.

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In this interview you will hear Jason Varnum discuss these important topics:

  • Early ministry experiences.
  • The importance of one-on-one ministry.
  • Allowing God to use our talents for ministry.
  • Connecting with Apostolic leaders.
  • The importance of serving those whom we desire to emulate.
  • Preparation for preaching.
  • Having a breakthrough mindset.
  • The importance of following the leading of the Spirit.
  • Our role as ministers.
  • The importance of teaching the Scriptures.
  • Bible study tips.
  • Keeping a right spirit in ministry.
  • The importance of spiritual authority.
  • The role of pastoral leadership.
  • Seeking the approval of God.


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