#014: Interview with Missionary E.J. Kim (Audio)

Missionary Kim InterviewMissions is the heartbeat of God. Whether it is at home or abroad, our Christian calling is to “GO” and make disciples (Matthew 28:19). E J Kim is truly following that call. Read her full bio here. Her passion to reach people with the Gospel and her willingness to abandon her job in Corporate America speaks volumes of her love for God and lost souls. Listen as we talk with Sis. Kim about her start in ministry and how God has developed her ministry over the years.

In this interview we discuss the following topics:

  • Personal motivation in ministry.
  • Developing a burden.
  • The impact of a godly pastor.
  • Being confident in our calling.
  • Overcoming fear and insecurity.
  • Loneliness.
  • A foundation for ministry through prayer and the Word.
  • The importance of morning prayer.

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Video Presentation By E.J. Kim


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