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This year was a tremendous year for Ministry Mentorship as we reached into many countries and helped hundreds of people grow in their ministry. Our website stats have shown us the most important podcasts and posts on our website and you will find the links listed below.

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Top 7 Podcasts

1. #041: Interview with Janice Sjostrand. In this interview, you will hear about the importance of servant-hood and submission, the role of higher education, and how to successfully launch your ministry.

2. #021: Interview with Jeff Arnold. In this interview you will hear about being prepared for criticism, personal motivation during difficult times, developing transparency in ministry, dealing with offenses, the importance of pleasing God, and more.

3. #046: Interview with Raymond Woodward. Listen as Raymond Woodward talks about early ministry experience, challenges in ministry, operating in your gifting, sermon preparation, using reference books for study, ministry development, the importance of submission, and other advice for young ministers.

4. #013: Interview with Cortt Chavis. In this episode, we hear Bro. Chavis tell his story and share his thoughts on the following topics such as the time of transition and preparation between when we first feel the call of God and when fulfill that call, submitting to the authority of our pastor, being obedient and honoring our authority, and more.

5. #050: Interview with Chris Gibbs. Missionary Chris Gibbs (Malawi) shares practical Christian Leadership and ministry advice for young ministers. Listen as Chris Gibbs talks about his ministry calling, his missions journey, and gives practical advice for young ministers.

6. #006: Interview with David K. Bernard. In this interview, you will hear David K. Bernard address several topics that apply directly to the life of a young minister on a daily basis such as preparation for ministry, authoring books, discerning “next moves,” how to get started in ministry, and more.

7. #051: Interview with Steve Smith. In this Ministry Mentorship interview with Jacob Tapia, Pastor Steve Smith shares practical Christian Leadership and ministry advice for young ministers. Listen as Pastor Smith talks about his ministry calling, his missions journey, and gives practical advice for young ministers.

Top Seven Blog Posts

1. Rev. Billy Cole: Doing the Work of God. In this video, Billy Cole talks about the importance of working as a team, developing respect for our fellow ministers, operating in our gifting, treating each other with kindness, supporting each other in our ministries, and more.

2. Lee Stoneking “Failures”. In this message, Evangelist Lee Stoneking talks about failure and how it affects us. He encourages ministers to continue to serve the Lord even though there are times when we don’t always do the right things. He gives examples of godly people in the Scriptures who failed God and were restored.

3. “How to Grow a Ministry” by Terry Shock. “How to Grow a Ministry” is a session that was taught by Pastor Terry Shock and deals with relevant ministry topics such as defining effective ministry, the importance of a personal sense of calling, understanding God’s will and time, recognizing our power source, loving God and loving people, having passion and wisdom, and more.

4. Interview With Billy Cole. In this interview, Jacob Tapia talks with the late Billy Cole. This interview was done several years ago at his home in West Virginia. Bro. Cole was a tremendous evangelist and was mightily used in the gift of faith. He was a friend to young ministers mentored many leaders in the Apostolic movement.

5. Brent Coltharp: “Crafting A Sermon”. Listen as Brent Coltharp explains the process of sermon development and covers developing proper expectations, defining success in our preaching, becoming a student of the Word, and more.

6. “The Wounded Healer” Bible Study by Angela Harwood. In this Ministry Mentorship LIVE Bible study, Angela Harwood shares insight into the role of pain in our lives and how God uses it for His glory. “The Wounded Healer” will encourage you in your walk with God and help you avoid becoming bitter in your situation. Download a handout HERE.

7. Billy Cole Teaching “The Gifts of the Spirit”. Bro. Billy Cole was mightily used by God as an evangelist, pastor, and mentor to many people during his lifetime. Listen to this session where he teaches about the Gifts of the Spirit.