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Incredible interview with Bro. Arnold. Powerful and inspiring. —Andrew

Ministry Mentorship has been such a blessing to my life! —Sydney

Great interview! It got me listening to the others on the site and also sharing them with family and friends. Thanks! —Steven

Your ministry is such a blessing to me. Keep on keepin’ on! —Britney

Thank you for Ministry Mentorship. It has been an incredible blessing to me. —Tim

Awesome Bible Study! —Shawn

I highly recommend to every young man or woman of God to follow Ministry Mentorship. Its Great! —Stephen

Great resource for young ministers! —Andrew

Wow!! Our family just finished watching the Bible study and want to say what a great subject and information. I have learned some valuable things tonight that will help me in my personal life and the ministry. Thank you everyone for your ministry! —Twyla

For me this is the best website for Young Apostolic Ministers…the best! —Julio

Thank you so much for this resource. I love to listen to each one and look forward to the next interview. —Diana

I’m a little over the age of 30 but excited to be apart of the blessing! —Stephanie

This is a much needed link in accomplishing our mission TOGETHER! Thanks for your efforts to direct us to an Apostolic mindset in our increasingly complex cultural shift…well done! —Michael

We love this ministry here in Kenya. —Martin

Love your page! —Charles


We’re are new to the ministry and I just want to say that this is what we need…to help people like us do better for the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. —Leonardo