#021: Interview with Jeff Arnold (Audio)

Jeff ArnoldIn this Ministry Mentorship interview, you will hear Jacob Tapia interview Pastor Jeff Arnold from Gainesville, Florida. Bro. Arnold is one of the greatest preachers in the Oneness Apostolic movement. His ministry has spanned over 35 years and he has preached the Word with power and anointing. Jeff Arnold is the Pastor of The Pentecostals of Gainesville in Gainesville, FL. He is a much sought after speaker and has a deep love for the Word of God. Listen as he talks about life, ministry, and serving Jesus Christ.

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As you listen to this interview with Jeff Arnold you will hear him discuss these topics:

  • Personal testimony of salvation and his early days in ministry.
  • The importance of being willing to serve God in any capacity.
  • Being prepared for criticism and personal motivation during difficult times.
  • Developing transparency in ministry and dealing with offenses.
  • The importance of pleasing God.
  • The process of transition in ministry.
  • Discerning the will of God and having the right mentality for ministry.
  • Prioritizing our ministry.
  • The importance of preaching and preparing for messages.
  • The importance of personal devotion.
  • Leaving the results of our preaching to God.
  • Making room for healings and miracles in ministry.
  • Recognizing the move of the Spirit and the importance of the miraculous in our ministry.

Recommended Reading by Jeff Arnold

Christ the Healer by F.F. Bosworth


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  • Debbie Farmer

    I love this man!! Awesome interview.

  • ministry_mentorship

    Thanks Debbie! -Jacob Tapia

  • travisrhaley

    Thanks for the incredible interview! I decided to buy the book he mentions.. Christ the Healer by F. F. Bosworth..

  • Bill Arnold

    A great preacher as I a learning so much.