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Stephen Drury Stewardship PostInterview With Stephen Drury

YOUR FIRST RESPONSIBILITY IS TO YOUR FAMILY AND TO THE FAMILY OF GOD” Sometimes it is difficult for us to take the time to put a plan in place for the future. As a young minister, we must take the initiative to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to us. In this interview with Stephen Drury we will hear about the importance of proper planning and preparation for the future. Stephen Drury is the Director of Stewardship for the UPCI (Read his full bio here). Visit the Stewardship website.

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As you listen to this interview with Stephen Drury, you will hear him discuss these topics:

  • Early experiences in ministry.
  • Developing a proper attitude towards money as a tool.
  • Our first responsibility is to our family and the family of God.
  • How debt can affect our lives.
  • Planning for our financial future.
  • The importance of education, learning to budget, having disability & life insurance, planning for retirement, and having an estate plan.
  • Planning for children’s insurance and setting up a power of attorney.
  • The uncertainty of life and the importance of preparing for the future.
  • The importance of having a formal education.


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